(President: Ioanna Kuçuradi, Vice President: Betül Çotuksöken, Secretary General: Gülriz Uygur, Accountant: Harun Tepe, Member: Hülya Şimga)

Activities from May 2015 to April 2017

At the national level:

● The 2015 Istanbul Seminar of the Society was held on 19 and 20 November, hosted by the Department of Philosophy of Maltepe University. The general theme of the seminar was “Sections of Philosophy in Turkey: In memoriam of those who passed away”. After the inaugural addresses by the Rector of Maltepe University, Prof. Dr. Şahin Karasar, the President of the Philosophy Department, Assoc. Prof. Ahu Tuncel and the President of the Society, Prof. Ioanna Kuçuradi, papers were presented by Mustafa Günay (on Arslan Kaynardağ), Kasım Küçükalp (on Ahmet Cevizci), Betül Çotuksöken (on Takiyettin Mengüşoğlu and Nermi Uygur), Sinan Özbek(on Uluğ Nutku), İsmail Demirdöven (on Güven Kızıltan), Tuğrul Özkaracalar (on Zeynep Davran), Yaman Örs (on Nusret Hızır), Zekiye Kutlusoy (on Cemal Yıldırım), Semiha Akıncı (on Harun Rızatepe and Suvar Köseraif), Işık Özgündoğdu Eren (on Füsun Akatlı), Selda Öndül (on Sevda Şener), Cemal Güzel (on Bilge Karasu), Candan Dizdar Terviel (on Sıtkı Erinç), Gürol Irzık (on Arda Denkel), Güncel Önkal (on Hilmi Ziya Ülken and Suat Sinanoğlu), İrem Çağlar Gürgey (on Adnan Güriz) and Erkut Sezgin (on Vehbi Hacıkadiroğlu). The paper of Doğan Özlem (on Macit Gökberk), who was unable to participate in the meeting at the last moment, was presented by Mustafa Günay. Betül Çotuksöken, Tüten Anğ, Hülya Şimga, Hülya Yetişken, Saffet Babür and Yasemin Işıktaç chaired the session.

● The 2016 Istanbul Seminar of the Society was held on 2 and 3 December, hosted by the Department of Philosophy of Yeditepe University. As the year 2016 was dedicated to Aristotle, the theme of Seminar was “Looking at Aristotle with Today’s Eyes”. The inaugural speeches of the Seminar were made by Saffet Babür, President of the Philosophy Department of Yeditepe University and by Ioanna Kuçuradi, President of the Society. Papers presented Abdullah Kaygı (“Do We Understand Aristotle?”), Levent Kavas (“Lonely, Alone, Without Identity”), Muttalip Özcan (“Aristotle’s Classification of Sciences and His Approach to Science”), Bergen Coşkun (“Looking at Aristotle form Today’s Perspective”), Jale Erzen (“Aristotle’s Aesthetics”), Sara Çelik (“Aristotle’s Views on Beauty and Art and Their Reflection on Today’s Philosophy”), Lale Levin Basut (“Phantasia: What is not?”), Ken Westphal (“Kant, Aristotle and Our Fidelity to Reason”), Melike Durmaz (“The Natural Foundation of Polis in Aristotle”), Egemen Kuşçu (“Analytical Philosophy’s Return to Aristotle: Contemporary Problems, Aristotelian Solutions”), Hatice Nur Erkızan (“The Human Being in Aristotle and Nussbaum: On the Criticism of Kinetic Existence”), Harry Platanakis (“Neo-Aristotelian Democracy”), Gözde Mocan (“To Perceive in Common as an Issue of Prote Philosophia: Agamben’s Interpretation of Friendship”) and Berfin Kart (“Virtue Ethics or a New Virtue Ethics? How New is the New Virtue Ethics?”). Betül Çotuksöken, İsmail Demirdöven, Harun Tepe and Hülya Şimga chaired the sessions.

● The fifth meeting of the series on “Philosophical Itinerary in Anatolia” was organized on 6 November 2015, in collaboration with the Mustafa Koç Centre for Research and Application of Underwater Archeology, based in Urla, the old Klazomenai. The theme of the meeting was “Anaxagoras: A Philosopher from Klazomenai”. The inaugural speeches were delivered by Prof. Hayat Erkanal, Director of this Centre, Ioanna Kuçuradi, President of the Philosophical Society of Turkey, Mustafa Tunçağ, member of the City Counsil and Mr. Murat Sefa Demiryürek, Governor of Urla.

● During the first session of the meeting, held under the heading “The Cultural Heritage of Anatolia and Klazomenai”, Yaşar Ersoy presented a paper titled “Ionian Civilization during the Archaic and Classical Periods and Klozamenai (7-4 Century BC)”, Yusuf Örnek presented a paper titled “Care for Unearned Income: The Instrumentalization of the Cultural Heritage of Anatolia”; during the second session, under the heading “Anaxagoras’ Philosophical and Scientific Achievements”, Serdar Evren presented a paper on “Anaxagoras’ Way of Looking at Nature”, Yavuz Kılıç on “Reflections on the Togetherness of Everything”, Geofrey Bove on “Anaxagoras and the Ephesian Artemis: Symbol and Structure in Plato’s Republic”; and in the third session under the title “The Heritage of Anaxagoras”, Muttalip Özcan presented a paper on “Anaxagoras in Philosophy, Art and Politics”, Levent Kavas one on “What Didn’t Like Socrates in Anaxagoras?” and Süreyya Berfe another one on “How Can We Keep Alive Anaxagoras’ Hertiage?” In the evaluation session of the meeting, chaired by Harun Tepe, took part Yaşar Ersoy, Çetin Türkyılmaz and Mustafa Günay. Hayat Erkanal, Saffet Babür and Kadir Çüçen chaired the sessions.

A visit of the archeological sites of Klozamenai, on 7 November 2015 followed the meeting.

At the international level:

● Our Society hosted the 2016 Entretiens of the International Institute of Philosophy (IIP), in collaboration with Maltepe University (Istanbul), the Mayor of Kadıköy, the Marmara Educational Foundation and the Kuçuradi Foundation for Philosophy and Human Rights. The academic and administrative meetings of the IIP were held on 4-11 September 2016. The theme of the Conference was “Value, Values and Meaning”.
Inaugural speeches were delivered by the Director of the Marmara Educational Foundation Ms Melike Oğuzhan, the Mayor of Kadıköy Mr Aykurt Nuhoğlu, the Vice-Rector of Maltepe University Prof. Betül Çotuksöken, the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Mircea Dumitru, member of the IIP (who spoke on “The End of Humanities? Why Do We Still Need Humanistic Education in Universities?”) and the Secretary General of the IIP, Prof. Bernard Bourgeois. The president of IIP Ioanna Kuçuradi delivered the introducing paper to the theme of the conference.

In the first session of the Entretiens titled “Beyond Postmodernism: The Relativism-Absolutism Debate Revisited”, chaired by Thomas Calvo-Martinez, Athanasia Glycofrydi-Leontsini presented a paper on “Relative and Absolute Values in the Postmodern World of Art”. Herta Nagl-Docekal’s paper on “Do We Have to Draw a Sharp Distinction between Ethical Common Sense and Supererogatory Deeds?” was read by Muttalip Özcan, because Ms Nagl-Docekal was unable to participate in the meeting at the last moment. In the second session under the heading “The Phenomenology of Evaluation as a Human Cognitive Activity”, chaired by Hoda El Khouly, Evandro Agazzi presented a paper on “The Cognitive Status of Value Judgments” and Hans Lenk on “Values as Interpretative Constructs”. In the third session titled “Values, Value Judgments and Their Background”, chaired by Hülya Şimga, Tanella Boni presented a paper on “Par-delà l’égalité et la difference, qu’est-ce qui fait l’humain?” and Güncel Önkal a paper on “An Analysis for the Maintenance of Culture/Civilization Dilemma through Social Epistemology”. In the fourth session on “The Role of Ethical Values and the Role of Moral Norms in Inter-Human Relations”, chaired by Jure Zovko, Abdusalam Guseynov presented a paper on “The Conception of Responsibility in the Moral Philosophy of Mikhail Bakhtin”, Betül Çotuksöken a paper on “The Human Being between Norms and Ethical Values”, and Daniel Vanderveken together with Candida de Sousa Melo read a paper on “Illocutionary Acts in Ethics and Religion”. In the fifth session dedicated to “Philosophy in Turkey” and chaired by Zerrin Tandoğan, Harun Tepe presented the work done in Turkey in “Philosophy of Values and Ethics”, Yusuf Örnek the work done “Philosophical Anthropology”, Zekiye Kutlusoy the work on “Logic and Philosophy of Science” and Gülriz Uygur the work done in the “Philosophy of Law”. In the sixth session titled “Philosophy Facing Questions of Value and Meaning in the 21st Century, Peter Kemp spoke on “Cosmopolitanism in the 21st Century” and Nam-in Lee spoke on “Instict and Value”. In the closing session of the Entretiens, Bernard Bourgeois presented a paper on “Unité du sens et pluralité des valeurs”. Ioanna Kuçuradi expressed the thanks of the Philosophical Society of Turkey and of the other sponsoring institutions to the participants and closed the Conference.

● The 2015 World Day of Philosophy was celebrated on 19 and 20 November, at Maltepe University in connection with the Fall Seminar of our Society and the 2016 World Day was celebrated within the framework of the 2016 Istanbul Book Exhibition (TÜYAP), whose theme was “Philosophy and the Human Being” and “writer of honor” Ioanna Kuçuradi, President of our Society.

● During this period the Society organized the 20th and 21th National Philosophy Olympiads on 6 December 2015 and on 4 December 2016. Two winners of these Olympiads each year participated in the International Philosophy Olympiads, accompanied by the President of the Section “Philosophy for Children”, Ms Nuran Direk and one teacher of Philosophy.

● The section on Philosophy of Law of our Society, in collaboration with other institutions carried out the following activities: a) A summer school between 29 June-13 July 2015 in collaboration with Koç University, aiming at strengthening the Philosophy of Law in the program of Law Faculties and b) a summer school on Human Rights on 8-12 August 2016, in cooperation with Wallenberg Institute.

● Our Society took active part in the Istanbul Book Exhibition (TÜYAP), organized between 12-20 November 2016. For the first time in its history this Exhibition selected as theme of the year Philosophy, and as “writer of honor” a philosopher. Our Society organized the following 12 sessions during this exhibition: 1) “The Human Being in the Light of Philosophy”, with the participation of Meriç Bilgiç, Betül Çotuksöken, Sara Çelik, Yusuf Örnek and Muttalip Özcan. 2) “Law in the Light Philosophy” with the participation of Irem Çağlar Gürgey, Gökçe Çataloluk and Gülriz Uygur. 3) “Literature and Art in the Light of Philosophy” with the participation of Ismail Demirdöven, Abdullah Kaygı, Yüksel Pazarkaya, Hülya Şimga and Halil Turan. 4) “Human Rights in the Light of Philosophy” with the participation of Berfin Kart, Ioanna Kuçuradi, Ahmet Özalp and Musa Toprak. 5) “Contemporary Problems in the Light of Philosophy” with the participation of Yavuz Adugit, Kurtul Gülenç, Mesut Keskin, Nebil Reyhani and Harun Tepe.

The section of Philosophy for Children of the Society organized the following six workshops: 1) A workshop on “Thinking on Discrimination” for preschool education, moderated by Gülşen Öz; 2) a workshop on “Critical Reading and Thinking on Samet Behrengi’s Little Black Fish”, moderated by Ergün Kucab and Fatih Debbağ, 3) a workshop on “Critical Reading and Thinking on Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and Plato’s Lysis”, 4) A workshop titled “I am a Human Being, Education is my Right” with the participation of primary education pupils, on texts selected from Cengiz Aytmatov’s “The First Teacher”, 5) A workshop on “The Right to Philosophize” for high-school pupils, moderated by Salim Şirin and Sevil Kuvan, 6) A round-table on “Philosophy Olympiads” with Suna Küçükyan, Yıldız Aybars and Gülfer Birsin and 7) A talk by Gülşen Öz on “Philosophizing with Young People and Preparing Students for the Philosophy Olympiads”.

Ioanna Kuçuradi took part in a dialogue with Faruk Şüyun who prepared a book, titled Ioanna Kuçuradi after the Human Being and its Values with Obstinacy and Hope, on the occasion of this book exhibition.

● Our Society, in collaboration with the Society of Social Workers of Turkey, carried out, and just completed, a project on “Facing Corruption and Other Ethical Problems in Social Services and Ways to Prevent them Through Ethical Capacity-building”, supported by the European Union. This 15 month project, consists of a) a research aiming to highlight, and prepare a report on examples of, corruption and other ethical problems in social services, b) the training of 60 social workers and c) the revision of the Professional Code for Social Workers.

● The Society organized a course on Kant for non-philosophers.

● During this term the Society published, or made new editions of, the following books:

1) İoanna Kuçuradi, Etik (Ethics), sixth edition, 2015.

2) Immanuel Kant, Prolegomena, fifth edition, 2015.

3) Immanuel Kant, Ahlak Metafiziğinin Temellendirilmesi/Grundlegung zur Metaphsik der Sitten, sixth edition, 2015.

4) Martin Heidegger, Metafizik Nedir?/Was ist Methaphysik?, fourth edition, 2015.

5) Harun Tepe, Etik ve Meslek Etikleri (Ethics and Professional Ethics), third edition, 2015.

6) A. Kadir Çüçen-Harun Tepe (eds), Miletli Filozoflar: Thales, Anaksimandros ve Anaksimenes (Milesian Philosophers: Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes), 2015.

7) Immanuel Kant, Pratik Aklın Eleştirisi/Kritik der praktischen Vernunft, sixth edition, 2016.

8) İoanna Kuçuradi, Çağın Olayları Arasında (Among the Events of our Times), fifth edition, 2016.

9) İoanna Kuçuradi, Sanata Felsefeyle Bakmak (Looking at Art from a Philosophical View-point), sixth edition, 2016.

10) İoanna Kuçuradi, Nietzsche ve İnsan (Nietzsche’s Conception of Man), sixth edition, 2016.

11) İoanna Kuçuradi, İnsan Hakları: Kavramları ve Sorunları (Human Rights: Concepts and Problems), third edition, 2016.

12) İoanna Kuçuradi, İnsan ve Değerleri (Man and His Values), sixth edition, 2016.

13) İoanna Kuçuradi (ed.), İnsan Haklarının Felsefî Temelleri (Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights), fourth edition, 2016.

14) Gülriz Uygur, Hukukta Adaletsizliği Görmek (Discovering Injustice in Law), second edition, 2016.